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The DeFi market has been recording immense growth for the past few years. According to the Statista Report, the DeFi ecosystem will reach $37,040 million by 2028. As evident, many DeFi applications are coming into the market and thriving quickly. This is why investors are buzzing about the top DeFi trends around the globe. With this growing sensation, the decentralized finance ecosystem is also expanding to embrace innovations. 

But among investors, questions like which decentralized finance trends to choose, and what would be the gain on investment have been emphasized intensely. If you are one among them, this blog would be your ideal partner. Here you will check with the Top DeFI trends and how to overcome the challenges in DeFi development services. So without delaying further, let us go straight into the subject with…

Top DeFi Trends of 2024

Since the introduction of the DeFi concept, the DeFi ecosystem has been delivering various business opportunities to investors. As an investor, you can prefer the top DeFi trends that offer higher ROI and future scope. Here are the top DeFi business ideas trending in 2024.

DEX with AMM Development

Decentralized Exchange Development is the first option if you search for DeFi trends as an investment. DeFi Exchange is the resource platform to access diverse cryptocurrencies easily. Along with trading services, DEX also offers additional services to simplify the trading experience. So, the chances of extracting decent revenue are quite easy with these decentralized finance trends. This is one of the prime reasons newbies are willing for  Decentralized Exchange Development.

In the meantime, lower liquidity is the point where most of the DeFi exchanges lack. To overcome this, Automated Market Maker (AMM) comes into play. The AMM is the eminent feature of decentralized exchanges. According to the Tradingview report, the trading volume of DeFi will pass $523 billion by 2024. Also, according to a Forbes report, the AMM market cap is $11.31B, which reflects a +0.30% daily change. So among the top DeFi trends, DEX with AMM development is an ideal option.   

Crypto Bridges

Crypto bridges are blockchain bridges that allow the transfer, investment, and spending of one blockchain’s assets to another without third-party approval. So investors can make use of both blockchain’s advantages in their business offerings. This includes cost reduction, feature utilization, accessing markets, and more. The interoperability feature enhances the DeFi ecosystem liquidity and also more trading practices.

Though the crypto bridges are not widely familiar, their unique capabilities attract investors’ attention significantly. With diverse service offerings and revenue-making capabilities, crypto bridges are considered one of the top DeFi trends. So, for a long-term DeFI investment, you can consider investing in these decentralized finance trends.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the digital currencies that replicate and hold the value of a country’s fiat currency. This digital currency does not represent cryptocurrency, but the digital form of fiat currency. According to the Statista report on CBDCs, the digital currency value is expected to reach $2,00,000 million in 2030. As evidence of this, many countries are now adopting these Decentralized Finance Trends. 

The main purpose of this digital currency is to establish convenience, privacy, and easy accessibility. However, you can not directly invest in CBDCs as similar to cryptocurrencies or traditional assets. Rather, you can invest in central bank shares or companies that develop infrastructure for this digital currency circulation. Yet, the CBDCs are still in the growing stage. So the future may bring more investment and business opportunities based on these DeFi trends.

Blockchain Gaming

Around the globe, many traditional gaming sectors are now moving to blockchain gaming.  Especially many P2E games started integrating NFTs in their gameplays. With security and speed, blockchain gaming is gaining momentum as a top DeFi trend across global investors. According to DAppRadar, these gaming platforms add millions of newbie gamers into the gameplay daily. So in terms of revenue, these decentralized finance trends do not fall short at any cost. 

Speaking of the revenue, markets and markets online report confirm that, the global blockchain gaming platform revenue is expected to reach $65.7 billion by 2027. Considering the active users and revenue potential, blockchain gaming platform development is a lucrative DeFi trend for startups.

AI-Powered DeFi Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been tuning industries to be more innovative and quicker in moving forward. Newer and dynamic technological upgrades have uplifted the DeFi ecosystem. AI-powered DeFi solutions highly influence decentralized trading, from AI tokens to AI bots. So you cannot neglect AI integration in the list of top DeFi trends.

According to spherical insights data, the Blockchain AI tokens value is expected to reach $980.70 Million in 2030. So businesses built over these decentralized finance trends will definitely have progressive growth. Therefore, the investment in AI-powered DeFi solutions is a perfect choice for startups.

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoins are considered to be the unique asset of holding cryptocurrency value stable irrespective of market volatility. They are the tokenized assets that minimize the price fluctuation of real-world assets. That’s why stablecoins have wider use cases and are associated with different services. So investors looking for a diverse range of profit-making can choose these emerging DeFi Trends.

You can use stablecoins similar to cryptocurrencies for different purposes. You can lend, stake, and even trade them in prominent DeFi platforms. Likewise, it is possible to make direct and passive earnings from such DeFi services using stablecoins. Therefore, if you want to be part of the growing market cap (around $160 billion), then create your own stablecoins.

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Decentralized Derivatives

Decentralized derivatives are financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset in a decentralized environment. Based on the principle, derivatives are classified as future, options, swap, and forward derivatives. Anyone across the globe can invest and trade in decentralized derivatives with DEXs that support derivative trading. According to Coindesk’s report, the overall derivative trading volume reached an all-time high of $6.18 trillion in March 2024. This is a sign of future growth and demands for these DeFi trends. 

Apart from trading, making money with these decentralized finance Trends is again simple. You can lock them in liquidity pools and yield farming platforms to earn interest. If you have enough financial capability, you may create a decentralized derivative exchange business. The profit percentage here is thousands of times more than just trading in derivatives.

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi wallets are decentralized storage to keep the assets safe and easily accessible for diverse operations. The user will have the control to keep the wallet access and assets secure. When looking at investment opportunities, DeFi Wallet Development allows you to make profits through wallet transactions. You can allow users to lend and stake assets and make profits from fees.

A fully functional wallet with add-on services can help you generate lucrative incomes in a short time. According to Skyquest, the crypto wallet market size is poised to grow beyond $61.87 billion by 2031. Since DeFi wallets contribute more than 50% to this market size, DeFi wallet development is an ideal decentralized finance trend.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing

DeFi lending and borrowing platforms simplify the way of obtaining crypto loans for businesses. An efficient smart contract will manage the lending and borrowing of crypto assets without human interference. The DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Development is now gaining investors’ attention as one of the top DeFi trends. Even established businesses are now switching to these decentralized finance trends. This is because of the standard flow of profits even in the long run.    

Speaking of revenue, the DeFi lending and borrowing platform generates huge revenue from interests paid by the borrower. Also, the user has to pay a minimal fee for lending, borrowing, and loan settlements. According to, the overall market cap of these DeFi trends alone is around $13 billion. Meanwhile, the rising demand for DeFi lending and borrowing platforms justifies the investment as ideal for startups. 

DeFi Integrated NFT Marketplace

DeFi-integrated NFT Marketplaces are one of the eminent decentralized finance trends in the crypto space. The collaboration of decentralization and blockchain technology gives the NFT Marketplace an arena of investment capabilities. The NFT enthusiasts can easily buy, sell, trade, and lend NFTs in a decentralized ecosystem. The higher liquidity and fractional ownership are the elements attracting investors to these DeFi trends.

When building a DeFi Integrated NFT Marketplace, the possible revenues are from trading fees, listing fees, protocol fees, and other promotional activities. The global NFT Marketplace market cap value is currently around $1.69 billion by the end of 2024. So considering the revenue potential and growth progress this DeFi trend is an ideal business idea for startups.

So these are the top DeFi trends that are trending among investors to capitalize on their investments. For any DeFi business idea you choose, you need a token and a platform. However, creating those elements requires in-depth technical and market knowledge. A reputed DeFi Platform Development service may help you. At the same time, DeFi development involves certain challenges you should consider.

Now let us check with the…

Challenges in DeFi Development

From a business point of view, building the safest and high-performing DeFi platforms is the dream of many investors. Because it is not only gaining the user’s trust; but also profitability and productivity. However, DeFi Platform Development holds certain challenges worth mentioning here. Now let us start discussing them one by one.


DeFi platforms directly deal with cryptocurrencies like trading, lending, staking, and more. So they should be equipped with tamper-proof smart contracts, and advanced encryption protocols and should be bug and hack-free. Thus preserving the security is a challenging task in DeFi Platform Development. 


The DeFi platform should be constructed as per the regulatory frameworks to get it approved for operations. Other than that, the policies on cryptocurrencies and DeFi platforms differ across countries. So constructing a DeFi platform as per local and legal regulations must be challenging.

User Experience

The motive of the Decentralized Finance platform is to facilitate simpler and easier operations for users. Accordingly, they should offer hassle-free and quick maneuvering for a delightful user experience. In this sense, a streamlined DeFi Platform Development process with prioritizing user-friendliness might be helpful.

Market Risks

The volatility of the cryptocurrency price will also impose risk factors on DeFi platforms. The varying asset prices and unethical predictions on crypto movements may impact the platform’s reputation and growth. Developing a DeFi platform with statistical data and measuring tools would be the solution here.

Technical Consideration

Developing a DeFi platform involves certain technical considerations. Higher liquidity, scalability, and interoperability are the factors that determine your platform’s performance. The most appropriate tech-stacks and technical proficiency are the keys to overcoming these technical challenges. 

These are the challenges you will face when creating a decentralized platform. Being a crypto startup, these challenges may slow down your progress if you do not have professional guidance. So…

How to Get Started with Your Dream DeFi Trends

To establish a DeFi business, investment in DeFi tokens and any DeFi platform becomes essential. However, the basic requirements will vary depending on the DeFi trends you choose. For instance, if you plan to develop a DEX, you can also add a DeFi wallet as an added feature. This can enhance your service offerings and business reach. Likewise, each trending DeFi business has a variety of investment opportunities. An expert DeFi Development Company like Coinsclone can guide you in unlocking the relevant business possibilities. 

We are a team of blockchain experts who are well-experienced in developing DeFi solutions for diverse industries. From DeFi token development to DEX, we have a thriving portfolio with substantial contributions to DeFi Trends. Hence, share your business thoughts with us! Let us together build a future-ready DeFi business with immaculate features.


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